These events are finely tuned to the request for a special and exclusive service.

A mark - a tattoo for a lifetime. Differences in power and mutual respect are the pillars here
and such an arrangement is comparable to a marriage and is a real expression of the deepest connection.
A sign - true dedication.

Our 4 bundles from Basic - up to First Class have been developed by us with empathy according to the different needs.
We are pleased that you have chosen this classic arrangement from Signs of O.

The CLASSIC Signs of O Arrangement includes the following services:


  Discussion of the motif with expert advice on the type, position, size and style of the motif


  As a greeting, a refreshing glass of Proscco


  After making an appointment and preliminary discussion, the implementation of your individual Tattoo Project with a fixed amount of time in our Studio in Berlin Köpenick


 Afterwards we will present to you a personal and unique surprising Present, a nice reminder of your Classic Signs of O arrangement experience

Cost: 550 Euros, Time: 2 hours, Location: Studio Berlin Köpenick
We would be happy to consider any further requests!


Info as PDF file for download

 Marked for Life****

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